Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oh, by the way...

It may seem like not much has changed, but that's not entirely true.  I set some goals way back when, and although some most still elude me, one major one does not.  I even (sort of) achieved this goal by the deadline that I had set for myself.  Perhaps you've noticed that I haven't blogged as frequently.  This has been partially due to a difficult time sticking with the rules I set for myself, keeping the promises that I make to myself.  However, this has also been due to a happier reason, a lack of as much time because...

I've been working.  For the last several months.  In a job that I love.  (Dare I say that as-close-to-ideal-as-it-gets job that I previously dreamt of/mentioned with cautious optimism?  The one I was chasing, despite not knowing exactly what it was I was after?  No, too soon.  Don't want to jinx it.  Hell, I've even waited until now to mention it.)  After close to a year of unemployment I didn't think this was possible, but here it is.  A job.  A good job.  A good job in my field.  

I got the offer before Christmas, accepted the offer before too (and breathed the biggest sigh of relief that I think I have ever breathed).  I decided to start after the holidays, but  I still count this as meeting my goal since I had the option to start by my deadline.  I met a goal.  A big one.  And so began the journey...of really getting my life back on track.

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