Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reason #2

Because the appropriate initial, organic reaction to the suggestion to take a trip to the Caribbean (and soon) is happiness and excitement (I know!) and not dread and counting of days/calculating how much weight can be lost in the time between now and the trip.  I know that this is not something to complain about (and I'm not, really).  I know, this is not an actual problem.  That is precisely my point.  I love beaches.  I love hot weather.  I love being in the sun.  And I appreciate this trip and will LOVE this trip.  I just want to feel comfortable in a swimsuit my body again for once.  That makes me want to lose weight (and fast!).  It's not just that, though.  Like I've said, I'm doing this the healthy way, the slow, persistent way.  This is not only about making the body changes but the mind changes.  I don't want to only dream of where I'm going but appreciate where I am, what I have...  My happiness does not depend on my size, how I look in a swimsuit...  Until I truly figure this out, I will never be able to stay a certain size, etc. either.

P.S. Yes, I know that I ate a large bowl (okay, 2) of ice cream today.  I'm fine with that.  Sort of.  It was emotional eating.  No judgment, please!

Rocky Road

Because sometimes when you're on one, you need want some a lot.

I know that I'm being vague, and I know that it's so annoying when people do that.  I'm just struggling...with my need to talk about this.  I mean, I created this blog because I needed a place to get this all out, figure this out.  However, I'm torn between my desire to be open, honest but to also protect the innocent guilty.  Suffice it to say that I have been down this road far too many times, and this continual conflict has contributed greatly to where I am, the things that I'm working on changing.  It has repeatedly derailed me, but I am getting much better at not letting it impact me like it once did.  Still, there is much that is not within my control, and it is just...difficult (to put it far too mildly).

Monday, November 28, 2011

Seeking Serenity

This is late, yes, but needed, indeed.  I haven't updated for days, true.  I haven't exercised for days, yes (at least not since a short puppy walk on Thanksgiving).  Things were busy and great and unhealthy but fun, so healthy in that way, true.  And then all of a sudden things were not, were bad, stressful, deja vu, I'd been there before, with her before.  Vague, yes.  However, I don't even know where to begin, so, for now, I just really won't.  I will simply say (and continue to repeat to myself): Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.  Yes, please do.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Please Take Note

Today I completed 7.7 miles on the elliptical (90 minutes).  My time for the initial 5k of this workout was 31:05!  I know; I'm a total badass.  Now I'm going to go paint my nails.  Yes, that was off-topic.

Monday, November 21, 2011

You Win Some, You Gain Some

So, today was a weigh in day, and I did.  It was disappointing, but I'm letting that go.  I'm up about a pound and a half.  I have been doing what I should be, though, exercising, eating better, watching portion sizes... So, I will not let this get me down.  The results will eventually show, and I must remind myself that it is only a number.  I will make adjustments to try to find something that works for me.  Still, my first goal deadline is now nine days away and seems even more challenging (especially with Thanksgiving lurking a couple of days away).  With that in mind, though, I will remember to appreciate the progress I have made continue making.

P.S. I completed another 90 minutes on the elliptical but waited until very late this evening to work out.  It showed.  I was tired and only got 5.4 miles in, and I don't even want to mention my initial 5k time for this workout (okay, close to 50 minutes!).  I am grateful that I stuck with it, though, and didn't abandon the workout all together.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wanna Race?

I've been trying to better my time, during every walk or elliptical workout.  So far I haven't been doing that well at this.  Today, though...

2.2 walk in record time (36 minutes)

Oh, yeah, 2.2 walk yesterday (41 minutes)

Edit: P.S. I also completed another 7.82 miles on the elliptical (90 minutes)  My time for the initial 5k of this workout: 34:38

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where I was, Where I am, Where I'm going

I thought I would provide a snapshot of where I'm at in my weight loss journey without doing the dreaded task of actually sharing the numbers.  I'm not even halfway to my goal, but I plan to make up ground quickly.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Walk: 2.2 miles (41 minutes)
Elliptical: 7.55 miles (95 minutes)

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Toaster

I have this toaster.  I've had it for over ten years.  It's not that advanced; it's nothing fancy.  I figure toasters don't really need to be.  It only has two slots. I don't toast more than two pieces of bread at once anyway.  If the husband and I both want bagels - and yes, the slots are (barely) wide enough to fit bagels - one of us can wait a few minutes until the other is done.  It's not like we're that crunched for time. It works just fine, most of the time.  Sometimes you have to mess around with the settings a little, get it in just the right spot by the word medium so that your bread or bagel or waffle or whatever gets toasted enough but not  burnt.  It's not a problem, though; we've figured out how to get it just so.  The toaster is white (now kind of yellowing).  Our other small appliances are stainless steal.  We registered for them when we got married a few years ago.  I didn't register for a new toaster.  I didn't want one.  The toaster was a gift from the uncle one Christmas.  Our family had bought him a new toaster that year, one of the fancy ones, with four, wide slots to accommodate big bagels and different settings to toast items just so.  He laughed when he opened it.  He had just bought himself a new toaster.  The mom said he could return ours for something new.  He said, "No, Ele is going to college next year and will need a toaster for her dorm room.  I will give her the one that I just bought and keep this one."  And so, that is how I came to have my current toaster.  I did take it with me to college.  He helped me move in that first weekend there, a weekend I will always cherish.  The husband calls it a sentimental toaster; it's an apt description. The uncle gave it to me the Christmas before he fell very ill, shortly after moving me into my dorm.  He was with us for the following Christmas, but that was his last.  It was that first year without him that I began to fall apart.  I like my toaster.  It works just fine.  I can't believe that I've had it for over ten years now.  I don't know when I'll get a new one.  

Daydream Believer

2.2 miles walk today in 41 minutes
90 minutes on the elliptical, allegedly resulting in 7.22 miles moved

P.S. I had this really great moment during my walk today.  Nevermind the fact that it almost resulted in me being hit by a car.  (Well, that's dramatic; I'm sure they would have driven around me if I hadn't noticed them.)  Anyway, I entered this totally blissful daydream for a bit on my walk, totally worry-free.  This is very rare for me these days.  I didn't even hear the car behind us until it was right behind us.  I was lost in my own little world, daydreaming of a day when my life will be (even more) fabulous, and we will have wonderful parties in the yard with an outdoor movie on a giant sheet for a screen and white lights and lemonade in mason jars and family and friends chatting happily and lots of loud laughter and yummy (and beautiful) food and drinks and pure joy!  Doesn't it sound so lovely?  It was nice to escape into those thoughts for awhile, and I insist that parties like that will totally happen one day.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stay Calm and Elliptical

Well, I haven't had the best day.  Finally, after sitting paralyzed in sheer panic for some time, I decided I should quit wasting my time.  If I wasn't going to send in applications, I should at least get a workout in.  And I did.  I figured if I could do an hour and a half before there was no reason that I shouldn't do it again.  And I did.  I allegedly ran an extra mile this time too (who knows with these machines).  Still, mark me down for 7.25 miles today.  It feels good to say that.  Now, after a long, hot shower and something to eat, I am feeling better.  The anxiety is gone. Note to self: exercise helps (a lot).  Now to those applications...

Staring Blankly Ahead

...staring out the window, feeling nauseous and agitated this morning.  I'm just about to apply for jobs; that's all. It's what's bringing it on, though; I know. I am experiencing extreme anxiety.  It's about the need for a job and the fact that I've been avoiding even thinking about the urgency of having one.  I need to get back to work, get out of the house, get on with my career...now.  Because the holidays are approaching, and I'm sure that hiring will stall,  I feel this extreme pressure to apply for everything, right now.  I am trying hard not to start freaking out.  I'm sure applying will make it go away, but right now it's holding me back from getting started, on anything. ...must work through this.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Because it's been that sort of day.  And because a chocolate cupcake deserves 
to be washed down with an equally delicious beverage.  Happy Friday!

That Takes the Cake

The sister is the best.  As are cupcakes.  As is chocolate.

Just Sayin'

I do not feel well today.  I am tired.  I am unmotivated.  I have no energy.  I have a headache.  I look terrible.  I haven't gotten to anything I wanted to do today.  I've been trying to cope with overwhelming and totally irrational anxiety.  I haven't felt such a strong desire to nap in days.  ...a reminder of what's always lurking if...

I didn't drink enough water yesterday (only had 3, 8 oz. glasses).  I didn't walk the puppy.  I didn't exercise on the elliptical.  I went to bed an hour later and got up an hour later than I had the previous three days.  There were reasons.  I was getting a lot done around the house.  I decided to go out for drinks. (I feel it's important in terms of working on social anxiety and my tendency to close off relationships when I'm depressed.)  However, I still think that it is worth noting my lack of effort on my health-related to-do's yesterday and the state that I'm in today.  So...noted. I must remember to make taking care of myself a priority.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Your Face Will Freeze That Way

...met my friend, Elizabeth, tonight for a walk.  I'd say we got in about 3 miles in 55 minutes (and lots of talk).  It's cold out there.  My face is still cold.  This cup of hot chocolate should help.  Cheers!

Hmm, Compelling

I completed 90 minutes (6.3 miles) on the elliptical this morning.  All I can say is that I suggest watching a show that makes you want to see the end so much that you just keep going.  For me today that was Dateline.  I originally put in 60 minutes for my workout time (plus a five minute cool down).  However, I didn't realize that the full episode online had bonus material, so I figured why not keep going if I'm going to be watching it anyway. 

Later the puppy and I completed our 2.2 miles (39 minutes).  We almost didn't go that far.  It was so windy, and I wanted to quit from the beginning.  I fought that all the way to the halfway point.  I was arguing with myself the whole way.  Oh, shit; it's cold!  It's about to get colder...better get used to it.  I drank too much water on the elliptical (true) and am totally going to pee my pants (false).  Keep going.  You won't pee yourself; you'll just walk faster.

P.S. I feel so much better about myself when I work out.  I look at myself differently.  I have a less delusional body image.   Actually, I'm probably equally delusional but with better self-esteem.  When I showered after the elliptical, I could swear my thighs looked smaller and more toned (riiiggghhht).  They also looked smaller in my shadow later on our walk, just like that.  I like my face better after exercising too.  My reflection somehow magically changes.  I could swear it looked thinner as I brushed my teeth, my skin looked clearer...

6 Smalls Things That Aren't So Small

1. I called the sister and asked if she wanted to pick a day each week to study/apply for jobs together.  We would normally end the call on yeah, let's do that.  We would then not do that.  Instead, we picked a day/time for next week.
2. I emailed my long distance workout buddy, Ann, and asked if she wanted to start checking in with each other again.  We will be in contact weekly to report on our progress.
3. I sent a message to my friend, Elizabeth, and asked if she wanted to go on a walk this week.  We're going tonight.  It's going to be cold.  I'm still going.
4. I sent a message to the (older) brother to say hi.
5. I called the paternal grandma.  At the end of the call she said that I had "made her day."  I could hear my dad's voice in my head, "you've done good."
6. I called the maternal grandma.  We talked for over two hours.  She made me feel encouraged about my job search.  She said she's been praying for me.  She said maybe she would have to make a visit to a certain city too.  She was referring to where my grandfather is buried.  She said, "maybe I need to ask (your grandpa) for assistance."  My grandfather was a minister, our family's spiritual leader really.  The reference to him and prayer brought me peace and calm.  I don't pray that often anymore.  It's hard for me to explain.  It's hard for me to understand.  I'm not sure what I think. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You Snooze, You Win

Guess who went to bed at 11:30/12ish last night?  Guess who woke up at 7:00?  Guess who did not close her eyes and try to go back to sleep but got right out of bed instead?

The second load of laundry is in the washing machine.  Breakfast is consumed.  A load of dishes is in the dishwasher.  Pandora is on.  The internet has been read.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Reason #1

I feel horrified by the expansion of my flesh, ashamed that it matters to me so much, and defiant that I do not feel comfortable in my body. -Sark

The husband and I were going somewhere recently.  He was driving.  I kept catching glimpses of my face in the side mirror.  I found myself staring, at my reflection and then down at my thighs.  It happens when I start up my computer as well.  I catch my reflection in the screen and am disgusted. I am tired of hating my appearance, hating my body.  I am tired of looking at myself and seeing a double chin, jowls, a huge neck, giant arms, swollen fingers, muffin top, pooch, love handles, fupa (yes, I said it), saddlebags, cellulite, stretch marks, cankles...  You name it.

Reason #1? 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

See Below Please

2.6 miles - 47 minutes

Never, Never, Never...

never give up. -Winston Churchill

Immediately after writing that previous post, I got up and said to the puppy, "you wanna go on a walk?"  She was half asleep but bolted from her bed with excitement.  Then I felt guilty.  We went on our 2.2 mile path and beat our usual time by five minutes (walk time =ed 37 minutes).  I got home and immediately made dinner.  I did not allow myself to go back to my bedroom.  I get stuck there, sitting in bed, with the t.v. on in the background, glued in front of my computer.  I broke out of it, but it was short-lived.  I grew tired a few hours later, but instead of going to sleep, I just went to bed and sat there in the same mindless, blank state, playing stupid games on my phone.  I fell asleep at some point with the t.v. and lights on.  I did not rest well.  I awoke too late this morning.

Here I am, though, trying it again today, out of my bedroom, t.v. off, in front of my computer, yes, but attempting to work on some job applications, attempting not to hate myself for how much I continually fuck up, for what I have done wrong so far.  I am trying to look forward.  No, I am trying to be present, not focus on all there is in the past to beat myself up over, and all there is in the future to be overwhelmed by.

P.S. That bright spot I referred to before?  ...hanging out with the sister on Friday night.  She is always a bright spot, my best friend.  She helps me through some of my worst times.  She understands, fully.  We took the puppies on a walk too (about 1.5 miles).

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stuck on Repeat

Confession: This has been my day for the last several days (peppered with moments that have been quite the opposite, pure happiness, more on that later).  I am so depressed, not the sad and lonely and weeping kind (I have those days too)...but the feel nothing at times kind...the largely blank kind...the sit in bed, watch t.v., mindlessly read the internet, and then later hate myself kind...the struggle to shower kind...the overeating kind...the barely sleeping kind...the plan-without-doing kind...the later feel guilty kind...the then feel like a worthless failure kind...the completely overwhelmed and scared but hiding from it and ignoring it kind.

A Grandpa is...

 someone you never outgrow your need for. -Author unknown

...watching t.v.  This girl's grandpa came over, and she came bounding down the stairs to greet him, so happy overjoyed to see him.  She hugged him like she didn't ever want to let go.  This broke my heart a little.  I miss him.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Measure Up

I've decided to weigh in weekly now.  It's not working for me to weigh in on only the 15th and 30th, probably because I haven't been weighing in on the 15th and the 30th.  Even though I didn't post it here, I took a picture of the scale on my last weigh in.  It just came to my attention that that was on August 30th.  Wow!  Time flies...  

I've only lost a little over 4 pounds in the last 2+ months.  While I'm happy that I haven't gained overall, my weight has been fluctuating, and this isn't even my low point over the last two months.  Once I lose weight, I don't want to gain it back, even if I'm still ending with a net loss.  I also need to focus on a more rapid rate of loss because as was mentioned in my previous entry, despite losing a decent amount of weight over the last several months, I am considered obese.  Ugh!

I am going to weigh in on the 7th, 15th, 21st, and 30th of each month (7th, 14th, 21st, & 29th of February).  I am going to take my measurements and maybe pictures on the 30th of each month.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

...Before Which Something Must Be Done

My Weight Loss Deadlines:

November 30 - Move from obese (Yeah, I said it...sigh!) to overweight.
December 15 - Meet mini-goal 2 (Nope, I don't currently intend to disclose these mini goals.  It was hard enough to admit that I'm considered obese.)
December 30 - Meet mini-goal 3
January 15 - Meet mini-goal 4 (maybe announce the total amount lost over previous year)
January 30 - Meet mini-goal 5
February 14 - Move from overweight to "normal"
February 29 - Meet mini-goal 7
March 15 - Meet mini-goal 8
March 30 - Meet mini-goal 9
April 15 - Meet mini-goal 10
April 30 - Meet mini-goal 11
May 15 - Meet mini-goal 12
May 30 -  Reach goal weight (Maybe announce total weight loss, maybe)

Happy New Year!

It was at the start of November last year that I set several goals for myself.  I had set many of them before.  This was another go-round at what I set out to do many times before.  I created a 5 page Word document that  detailed how I was going to accomplish the well-rounded, healthy life that I've been craving for so long.  There were deadlines at the end of the month, the start of the new year, my birthday, and deadlines  for mini-goals (stepping stones to ultimate goals) along the way.  

And here I am a year later, largely in the same spot.  So I have decided that I do not want to enter 2012 with these still on my resolution listI am sick of saying I will start tomorrow or on the first or after Thanksgiving or after Christmas or at the start of the New Year.  So I am just declaring today the start of a new year.  I had intended to write this post on the first, but I am not going to allow this to delay my progress any further.  I will just start now.  I want a job now.  I want to be thinner by the time we take family pictures at Thanksgiving.  I want to enter 2012 feeling healthy, organized, relaxed, and ready to enjoy the years ahead.  So, Happy New Year!  The healthier habits I'm going to put in place over the next several weeks are below.  As I've already started, I'm going to continue to slowly add these items through Tuesday's To-Do's, while working on others through separate projects (Project Find a Job, for example).