Monday, November 7, 2011

Reason #1

I feel horrified by the expansion of my flesh, ashamed that it matters to me so much, and defiant that I do not feel comfortable in my body. -Sark

The husband and I were going somewhere recently.  He was driving.  I kept catching glimpses of my face in the side mirror.  I found myself staring, at my reflection and then down at my thighs.  It happens when I start up my computer as well.  I catch my reflection in the screen and am disgusted. I am tired of hating my appearance, hating my body.  I am tired of looking at myself and seeing a double chin, jowls, a huge neck, giant arms, swollen fingers, muffin top, pooch, love handles, fupa (yes, I said it), saddlebags, cellulite, stretch marks, cankles...  You name it.

Reason #1? accept love my body. feel comfortable in my skin. like my reflection. love myself.

P.S. Today is a weigh in day.  I'm down 3.6 pounds since I last officially weighed in on August 30.  At one point I was down over 5 pounds.  It's time to get serious.
P.P.S. The puppy and I walked 2.2 miles today (40 minutes)

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